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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#1's Weekly Email: Week #68

I got my trunky letter.... It's official ladies and gentlemen... I'm coming home in December

I think I walked more this last week than I have the last two transfers. That's what happens when your area is flat and stretches out for about 5 km in every direction. But it's still fun.

So this week.....
Monday: We had a super chill p-day. it was really nice. And then we went and taught Tita W, a recent convert. She's been having some health problems but she's still strong. After than lesson with her, we were super punted. So we just walked and walked until it was time to go home. 

Tuesday: There wasn't a district meeting because there is MLC this week. But we got some good work done and taught a bunch of people. Got 4 new investigators and got to go to a FHE for Sister C F who just got home from her mission. That was a lot of fun.

Wednesday: Another good day. Got 2 more new investigators. Found a couple more less actives. And that was about it. 

Thursday: Weekly planning again. and then work. We went back and taught a couple of our new investigators. Hopefully, they'll start progressing. And we found 3 new ones. Whoop whoop! :)

Friday: District meeting. I think we have the craziest zone ever because our two zone leaders are two white kids. I think I might have said that last week too but it was just proven to me all over again this week. We tried our practice teaching in only English. ha! #epicfail. I can't teach in English anymore… 

The rest of the day was fine. We got really punted but we contacted a lot of people. We're really good at talking to everyone these days. The only thing is, they're always busy... But that's ok. We just go back and annoy them until they let us teach them :)

Saturday: Another epic fail. We tried to go out and watch the Women's General session of conference and they told us all to be there at 2. Well it actually started at 1... So we only got to see the last talk. Dangit. And then we went out and worked. We got in a couple of lessons and got a couple of new investigators. Surprisingly, it's easier for 2 white girls to get into the big houses than it is for 1 Filipino and 1 American. Who'da thunk?

Sunday: Fast and testimony meeting. Good times. I felt like I was back at youth conference where everyone makes faces at everyone else, telling them that they should go bear their testimonies. But that was okay. After church we went out and Sister C worked with us. She's awesome. And the rain came down and poured. There were immediate lakes all over the road... And we were immediately drenched. But that was ok. 

All in all it was an okay week. No complaints. I got my flight itinerary this week. That means I'm going home soon... Grand. Not sure how I feel about that. Kinda excited. Kinda scared. Not trunky yet :)

Ok that's about it. I know that this is the true Church. The Gospel is true and this is the ONLY church that has it in it's fullness. No questions asked. 

Mahal ko kayong lahat. Maraming salamat sa support nyo sakin at sa pagmamahal nyo. Ingat kayo palagi!
-Sister Hess

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