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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#1's Weekly Emails: Week #74

I am an old woman. 21 na ako... Time to go home :))))

This week was a good one too. Lots and lots and lots of walking. I think Sister B and I walked all the way around our area maybe 3 times this week.... And our area is huge... haha but that's ok. It was fun :)

So as you all know, Monday, we went to Manila. Got the fingerprinting done, ate at Army Navy and then went home. The end. And we didn't work because I was completely dead on my feet when we got back.

Tuesday: Birthday ko! YAY! haha we had district meeting and it was good. That's about all. We went and worked and we actually got 5 appointments and 2 new investigators. And one referral from R, a branch missionary who is awesome. Best birthday present ever. And the F family gave me a cute umbrella for my birthday :) (so that I can stay white daw) and J S gave me a watch. I swear that had revelation. Those were the two things that I actually needed haha SWEET :) And then we ended the day with a FHE at President S's house. That was a lot of fun. People were made members of booga-booga >:) hehe Happy Birthday to me :)

Wednesday: We had companion study in the morning (happens every morning now because of the training schedule) And then we went to lunch at the R's house. Then we went straight out to work. And I remembered why I do not like the training schedule. Work in the afternoon starts at 1 pm. And here in the Philippines, that just doesn't work. Because 1 pm is nap time. Patay.... So that was our first punted day. We still got 2 new investigators so that was good. But only got 4 appointments. Eh, ayos lang yan.

Thursday: Weekly planning. We went to  Rabanes to work. I officially love Rabanes. We've been doing some exploring there because the areas that are close to the plaza are just not progressing. So we found some new investigators. But yeah, and we walked and walked and walked.

Friday: Another day where we went out at 1.... urg. But we finally got to teach the F family. R and Roy tagged along. It was an entertaining lesson. And we shared with Brother L about the priesthood. He's really excited for his baptism next saturday. And he's stopped smoking too :) YAY!

Saturday: I got to go sign up for college classes.... yikes. malapit na... Then we went out to R again. I seriously love that place. And then we had MCM and went out for pizza afterwards. That was fun too. Then we dragged Ry with us when we went to share with V. And Ry actually helped a lot I think. When we got home, I didn't have to erase my stress with nutella. Thank goodness. 

Sunday: Church and yup. haha We visited V N and J, our new investigators, and they listened to our first discussion. They were super receptive and I'm really excited for them :) Then we had a rescue caravan with the members and got to go visit the P family. Then we came back, reported and then went to the Fa's house for dinner. Happy day. 

And that was my week. Super duper long. But still a good one. 4 nalang.... hehe :)

Ok I'm out of here. Thank you for all of your love and support. This is the only true church. And the only true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mahal ko kayong lahat. Ingat kayo palagi!
Love always,
Sister Hess

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