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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#1's Weekly Email: Week #67

I transferred! i'm in San Marcelino

So yes, I've been transferred and I am no longer a Sister Training Leader, which surprisingly, I'm great with. Now I don't have to worry about anyone else, I can just be a normal missionary and help my new area out. My new companion is Sister M (my first white sister companion). She's from Kansas. And so far we've had a lot of fun. Our area is huge. It's Sister P and Sister R's old area. So that's pretty fun :)

So this is what happened this last week… 

Monday: P-Day. We went to Olongapo because we had a zone activity. We all hung out together and played games and had a good time before transfer day. And then we went and ate at the base. American pizza :) yummm We then went shopping and then went home. P-days in Olongapo are exhausting... So we then went to work. We visited the L kids. They're doing fine. 
Tuesday: Day before transfers. With President Q, they'd make us wait the whole day to find out who was transferring. Not that way with President D. They texted us at 2 pm and then we got to spend the rest of the day saying goodbye to our recent converts. I like it that way. So we knew that I was transferring to San Marcelino and Sister M was my new companion and Sister Ra would be replacing me in Matain. So we went around and said goodbye to everyone and said that I'd see them all in December. That made them all feel a little better.

Wednesday: Transfer day! We all rented a jeep and headed down to Olongapo. We hung out there for a while until Sister M and Sister S got there. And then we ate at McDonald's and then headed to San Mar. We unpacked and got all settled in. Then went out to work. Not sure about all the places we went because it was kind of a blur. All I know is that our area is huge! and I really like it. So yup. haha

Thursday: Weekly planning. Same old same old. Except all in English (weird) and we got distracted a couple of times because we started talking about obscure American movies (even weirder). But that was still fun haha And then we had lunch and went out and worked. We were super punted. But we did get into some rich guy's house from "tao po"-ing. Just because we were white. He's really nice and we taught him. :) 

Friday: We had a zone meeting. Our zone is pretty crazy. Mainly because our zone leaders are two 19 year old American boys from Utah. But it's a lot of fun. After that we went out and worked again. And got punted again. And had a meeting with our branch mission leader. 

Saturday: We went finding the whole day :) And the people we were finding were less actives. We found the L compound who is a bunch of less actives and a bunch of people that aren't members yet either. So we taught them all. And got 5 new investigators. And next time we go back there will probably be even more. There was also a baptism. 

Sunday: We got to go to church and I had to bear my testimony because I was in a new area. That will be the last time I do that :) 

So yeah. That was my week. It was a good one and I'm excited for this week to see what we can do here. I know that the church is true and missionary work is the best thing I've ever done. Heavenly Father loves all of us. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I love you all

Mahal ko kayong lahat. Ingat kayo palagi!
-Sister Hess

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