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Sunday, July 6, 2014

#1's Weekly Email: Week #47

I've fallen behind on posting #1's mission emails. She went through a rough time there for a bit, so I wasn't sure how much I should or shouldn't post. I'm going to play a little game of catch up this evening. Starting with this (don't ask me why she gives them the titles she does….The world may never know)….

"It's called a lance... hellow?"

Hello world! 

How's life? 

Everything's good over here. Not much new has happened this week so this email is gonna be very short. 

Monday: We had a family home evening at the V's house. It was super fun. A sister who served here came back to visit and she had her husband with her. And this ward, for some weird reason, had never even heard of Booga-Booga... So me and Sister M made everyone there members. It was awesome. 

Tuesday: We had a district meeting. And we left early because Sister M had to go to the doctors and get a check up. Everything's ok. We went and taught some lessons after that and did our thing as missionaries. Woohoo.

Wednesday: We got tons of appointments done and taught all the usual people. Not much new stuff to report. 

Thursday: Weekly planning. And then going out and teaching and trying to convince people to come to church on sunday. 

Friday: This day was full of appointments too. We realized that I can use my white-person-ness to get anyone to talk to us. It was pretty useful. And because of that we got 7 new investigators. 

Saturday: Brother T got baptized! Woohoo! And he was very happy about it. And then we went out and worked and visited a lot of less-actives. Sometimes I don't understand how people can get less-active but then I realize that I just need to be understanding and help them realize how to be happy again.

Sunday: Went to church. And had a good time. Learned lots. We went and visited Sister Li and Le again and taught them and then helped them cook dinner too. Super fun.

So that was a brief summary of my week. Sorry super short because there's no time. Mahal ko kayo lahat. The church is true. Life is good in the Philippines.

Ingat kayo palagi!
-Sister Hess

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