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Sunday, July 13, 2014

#1's Weekly Email: Week #53

Bad trip.... Bad trip, bad trip.

So this week was not one of my favorites. A lot of little annoyances occurred. Satan is on the rampage... But that's okay. I love proving people wrong when they make me feel like I can't do something… hehe

Here's the low down on what happened this week... Brace yourselves.

Monday: The usual support day. We went to Olongapo. I don't like big cities anymore. They're stressful. I think I'll become a hermit when I go home haha joke.

Tuesday: We had mission president interviews. Super fun but definitely different. No more Tagalog… 
But for some reason we were super punted on Tuesday. So we went out and went to every single appointment and no one was home so we just went to the top of the mountain for H's birthday party/FHE. That was fun. We went up there and got to teach one of P.A.'s friends, J. And then we ate sopas and played Booga-Booga. We have some new members here. 

Wednesday: Wednesday was a good one. I think. Don't really remember it super clearly. All I know is we got a lot of lessons in and of course ended our day at the top of the mountain. We're trying really hard to make sure that all 5 of our investigators that are going to be baptized on the 19th are ready. And they're awesome. But of course, as we get closer to the baptism, Satan starts working harder. So we've got to work even harder than him. Good thing that I like climbing mountains :)

Thursday: Weekly planning. And then we went out to work. We hung out at the P. family's house for a while and shared with them. And then we headed up the mountain again. We taught them all again and had a good time.
Friday: We went around and taught a bunch of lessons. We climbed the mountain again to teach the kids. And then out came the concerns and the little doubts because we have to get permission from for the 4 kids to be baptized… 

On Saturday night we went and talked to Brother G. He told us that it's up to the kids. If they want to be baptized then it's ok with him. 

Sunday: We went to church and all the kids show up and they tell us that they're going to be baptized. YES! I'm so proud of them. So that was the week. There were little annoyances but it's ok because the blessings definitely outweighed them. Heavenly Father is here for us and He loves us. 

The church is true. You better believe it.

Love you all. Take care!
-Sister Hess

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