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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Unity through Family Chaos

At the Warden's school, near the end of every school year, they have a big after school soccer tournament. Yesterday was the day.

The Warden invited us to come watch. I had to take #5 to an eye appointment at 5pm, so I turned him down, but after the appointment, knowing that the tournament was going to go on for awhile, I swung by the house, picked up the kids, and we took off for the school. #1 was at work and works close to the school, so she drove over and beat us there.

image: jsgilbert.com
Before arriving at the school, we stopped and picked up some pizzas. While waiting for the pizzas, the Warden called. He said that he saw #1's car in the parking lot. Where were we?

Although I had tried to text him earlier, he hadn't replied, so I didn't know that the tournament was over. We'd missed it.

I asked him to scrounge up some soccer balls, and we'd meet him there anyway.
image: rolphroadschool.com

We all met up at the front of the school and headed to the back. We broke open the pizza boxes and went to town eating pizza while we sat on the hillside by the soccer field.

As soon as the pizza was gone, so was everyone in the family. #7 and #6 were appointed team captains and each chose a team.

#7's team:
The Warden

#6's team:

image: safelawns.com
I, being the odd man out, volunteered as cheerleader. It was pretty much girls against guys. They took off for the field.

You may wonder who won, and to be honest, I can't tell you. Chaos reigned in the funniest way. #2 was out there chasing people more than he was chasing the ball.

As we walked away, I turned to the Warden and said, "Now I remember why we had them all."

A little family activity once in awhile, no matter how simple, sure seems to increase family unity.

We're going back to doing this kind of thing once a week.


Alyson said...

I love family activities like that!

LeAnn said...

I can tell you enjoyed these precious moments.

Julia Shinkle said...

...and you just decided the theme of our next family photo...pizza and soccer!

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