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Monday, June 17, 2013

One More Update Before She Leaves Tomorrow

image: Julia Shinkle
I've decided that I have to write everyday now. My girl will be gone tomorrow, and I want to make sure we have a record of all of the wonderful things that happen while she's gone.

It's funny how things evolve in your life, y'know?

I've come to the point where I know that God is at the helm. He really does know ALL. He's in charge; therefore, I can let her go. I can watch her walk out the door, step on the plane and rest, assured that He is taking care of her--good or bad (as we perceive it) is all good because He knows her better than I do, and He knows what she's got to do and have to reach the potential He knows she has. It's all good. Life is good.

Last night, #1 was set apart. I have heard that term many times. Whenever someone is given a new calling (assignment) in church, they are "set apart." I guess, though, that I had never really considered what that meant. Last night, as #1 was set apart as a full-time missionary, it took on new meaning. She is now, literally, consecrated to the Lord. She is His tool to use as He wishes. She just needs to be obedient.

Wow! This is serious business.

My brother and I with our mom
and niece just before we left
on our missions.
Before we left for the church, while we were driving in the car, we spoke of the importance of what would happen. I asked the kids to please remember what was said and to report what they remembered to me after it was all done. I recall my mom writing down what was said when I was set apart all those years ago, and many of those words were a great comfort to me in the rough times while I served. I want that for #1 as well.

After we returned home, the kids got ready for bed. #1 now has to have a companion at all times. #3 has happily taken on that role.

I walked into the girls' bedroom. They were both writing in their journals. I asked what they remembered from what was said, and they both tilted their journals toward me. They, at that point, both had an entire page dedicated to what was said. How amazing to have two viewpoints of what had happened.

It is sad to face the realization that the world really doesn't understand the significance of a missionary's service--the sacrifices made. It has hit me that a missionary gives up everything even down to his/her first name for this window of time. He/she gives it willingly.

image: bootcampwithjess.com
My cousin, who is retired Army nurse was here this past weekend. She is not LDS, but went out of her way to join us for some of this weekend's festivities. At one point, she mentioned how some of the things #1 was going to do were very similar to the military's way of doing things. I had never thought of that before (maybe because I've never been in the military), but yes, I guess that's true. Sometime, when I have more time on my hands, I'm going to have to analyze that. But, in a very real sense, #1 has joined the Lord's army, and yes, there will be a spiritual boot camp and she will earn her stripes as she goes along and does what is asked of her by the Lord.

Yup. This is pretty serious stuff.

In just a little while, we will leave for the DMV to get #1's driving record. It will cost a whopping $1.50 (why even bother?). She will pick up her last paycheck, and we'll get my name put on her checks. The time for earning is over. She's ready. She's done everything we've asked of her.

We have a number of little items to purchase today--batteries for her camera, probiotics, a big ol' supply of feminine hygiene products (thank goodness they make them thin). One more pair of shoes and a passport holder will arrive in her mailbox at the MTC shortly after she arrives.

It's all falling into place. This is what she was meant to do. So nice to know that He's in charge.

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Alyson said...

So exciting! Although, in your place, excitement is not all I'd feel. For heaven's sakes, I cried when I dropped my daughter off at college, and I knew I'd see her again in a few weeks. I hope your last Monday goes beautifully. Go forth, Sister Hess!

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