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Saturday, June 22, 2013

#1's First Email (highlighted for quick reading)

Here's #1's first email. It arrived today through #3's email. She's the only one who'd emailed #1. The rest of us wrote her letters through dearelder.com. I'm figuring Saturday must be Preparation Day (P-Day). If you don't want to take the time to read the entire thing, I've put what I felt were the most important parts in bold.


Kumusta pamilya!

For some reason the at key isn´t working so I have to write the family through yours. Again, emails would be much appreciated. The keyboards here are way screwed up.

Anyways, I wrote you guys a letter about the first day. You should get it soon. Sorry about the messy handwriting.

Life over here is good. My kasama is Sister Taylor and she is so sweet and funny. She´s a planner and I´m definitely not so she´s very good for me. Learning the language is a lot of fun but it´s also very frustrating. We taught our first investigator last night. I know, three days in and they´re already trying to make us teach people. It didn´t go too badly but it could have gone way better.

I´m living in a room with 5 other girls. They´re a lot of fun but there´s so much estrogen in the room that sometimes it´s hard to breathe. They´re pretty crazy. We´re all going to Olongapo and we´re all so excited.

Um what else.... Our guro is Brother Cook. He´s so funny and he likes to laugh at us a lot but he´s a great teacher.

The food over here is sooooo good. Every single meal we all eat until we´re stuffed and then we kind of just want to sink into a food coma but of course we can´t cuz we have to go straight to class.

It´s not as hard to stick to the schedule and be obedient because we´ve pretty much been thrown into missionary life. We don´t need to worry about all the rules and stuff because they´re so easy to follow, which is super nice.

Everyone here is so nice. We finally got to take our dork dots off our nametags on the second day. Everyone around us on the first day kept yelling at us and welcoming us to the MTC. Everyone is so happy to be here.

I´m not sure what else to tell you guys... It´s crazy over here but so fun and it´s such a great environment. We get to go to the temple today and that should be fun. It sounds so relaxing. Last night was really funny because we were all so exhausted that we´d hit the breaking point and we were laughing at EVERYTHING. It was hilarious.

Oh, there´s some stuff that it would be really nice of you guys to send me... I need a jacket, like a sweatshirt, like my Encore one maybe. And I forgot my white cardigan that Mom and I bought the other day. Oh and a blanket like my robot one and my pillow, if you can fit it into a box. And if you can find my Batman shirt, I´d really like that too please 

Anyways, life is good. Hopefully we´ll get our mail tomorrow but right now I´m feeling very neglected because no one emailed me... Not even ***. [#3] you have my permission to punch that kid ***. Please do and say that´s from #1 for not emailing.

Okey dokey, have to go prepare for the second discussion with my kasama now. We have it tonight. A bit nervous but I know that we have the Espiritu Santo with us and he will guide us and make sure that we come out of this ok. Oh! and tomorrow is the broadcast. We get to go be there. All of us. I am soooooo excited. Look for me on the big screen 

Life is so crazy over here. But I know that this is where I am supposed to be. No more sitting on the computer watching Netflix movies. I´ve been reading the scriptures nonstop. I´m gonna finish it again before I leave. I´m already in Alma. It´s so great.

Ok I´m done. Be good guys. Don´t be dumb. Miss you and Love you!
Sister Hess

*** Yes, things have been edited to protect the innocent.

If you read the entire email and aren't familiar with missionary-ish kinds of things. #1 mentions a "dork dot." When a missionary first arrives at the MTC, he/she is given a black name tag with the missionary's name and the name of the church written in the language of the country where he/she will be serving. They also put a round sticker on the front (In my day it was fluorescent orange. Not sure if that's still the case). The missionary has to wear that sticker for that day only just to show that he/she is brand new and probably could use a little extra help around the place.

Here's also a little bit of translation of the Tagalog words she's inserted. You can probably figure out most of them, but again, if you're not LDS, we kind of have our own vocab sometimes:

Kumusta - hello
Pamilya - family
Kasama - companion
Guro - teacher
Espiritu Santo - Holy Spirit
Paalam - good bye

There you go. You've just spoken Tagalog! Way to go, you!

Please feel free to email my girl if you'd like. You can contact me for her address.

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