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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things to Do

Today we celebrate #7's birthday. Our kids only get a big party with friends every four years, so this will be #7's first birthday party. On the off years, they get a smaller celebration with family and one friend. For this party, #3, who has aspirations of being an event planner, has it all laid out. I put it in her hands. It's going to be so fun!

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This morning, we have a Tinkerbell cake to make. I'm using my small Pampered Chef bowl to make a doll cake. I've never done this before, so wish me luck.

We also have a baby shower to attend this afternoon, so we'll have some blanket making to do--me and #3; although, we might rope #s 4 and 5 in as well. When we all get going on it, we can be done in less than a half hour.

#1 has Preparation Pay today. It's typically called "P-Day," but we're learning at our house, it must be referred to as Preparation Day, or somebody around here can't stop giggling. Ugh! This means we should be receiving an email from her.

The great thing about this whole mission letter thing is that since we've been writing to missionaries for years, our kids are well practiced. Along with this, our kids learned the great joy of receiving letters from missionaries. #1 knows that writing back is super important. I'm really excited to hear from her.

I sent her a package yesterday. For some reason, she wanted her big fleece blanket. We also sent her some cookies. We'll see if they're any good by the time she gets them. She also wanted a few clothing items sent. #3 and I unpacked and repacked all of her boxes. I thought she'd put her blankets in one of the four boxes, so I ended up opening them all. It ended up that the blankets were in a closet. Oops. Anyway, we refolded all of her things and organized them into the boxes and marked every box with what was in it just in case we ever have to search for something for her again.

#1's guy friend (that's what we'll call him) just got his mission call this past week. He's going to the Tokyo South Mission. YAY!!! He's been studying Japanese for a few years, so this is nice. It doesn't always work out that way--I studied Spanish, but it's sure nice when it does. It ends up that his mission president was my teacher in the MTC all those years ago. The world just keeps getting smaller.

The Warden and #2 return some time this afternoon from high adventure. I've heard from the Warden twice while they've been gone. It sounds like they've had a BLAST. They've been through the Redwoods and have jet boated, just to name a few things. I can't wait to see them and hear all about the amazing things they've done. They may walk in in the middle of a four-year-old birthday party, but we shall see.

The other thing I have to do today is pick up my Bountiful Baskets. I did this a couple weeks ago too. It was great! I'm looking forward to the fruits and veggies we get for this week. I'm going to go a bit early to help unload the truck.

Also, another twist on life....I've cut back on a number of things. Driving with #1 a few months back, I was expressing my displeasure about a few things in life right now. She shared that I was doing too much and that other things around here were paying the price for that. She encouraged me to cut some things out, so I started in that very day. It was hard to do because I believe that what I've been involved with has been very worthwhile, but for now, my focus needs to be here at home.

I have to be honest, with a grandmother that passed away at 37, I dread the idea that if I die young, I won't get to do all of these things I really feel passionate about. I feel like I have to do them now, or they may never happen. It's amazing how this grandmother affects much of what I do and don't do. I think he story is tragically sad. I figure, at this point in life, I celebrate every year I've survived since 37. There is just so much to do in life, and I want to live to do it all.

When I called to cut myself out of one responsibility that I took on a few years ago, the woman I spoke with shared with me that she totally understood. I was so surprised with her support. She said that this is one of satan's greatest tools--to keep us overly busy and distracted so that we lose focus on what's really important--our families. Wow! She couldn't have said anything better. I knew I was doing the right thing.

In the meantime, there have been three new opportunities thrown my way. I have to be honest, I only rejected one of them. Of the other two, the responsibility was filled while I was deliberating (I was at camp that week) and this most recent, I'm doing. The good thing is that it isn't a long-term commitment and doesn't require a lot of time away. The two commitments I pondered undertaking were both that way--short-term commitments with little time required to do them.

A friend called yesterday, while I was purchasing the fabric for the blanket and gave me the chance to join a walking team for the Hood-to-Coast Relay. I'm super excited about it, and it really is just what I need--something to get me moving a bit more. I also get to hang out with some FABULOUS women. Not sure what could be better than this.

So, there's life for you. Now, I'm off to make a cake with some kids and get a blanket started with another kid or two. I'm looking forward to an email and to seeing the Warden and #2 today. I don't think they could get home fast enough. I've missed them! In the meantime, though, I think I may have enough to keep me busy.

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