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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Following Suit

As you can see, over on the right-hand side of this blog, is a list of friends' blogs. One that frequently rises to the top (the most recently updated blog is the one at the top of the list) is "Silver Lining." It belongs to a young woman who used to live in our stake. I just adore her, and I love everything she writes.

Well, tonight I went to read her latest and decided that I'm going to follow her lead.....I'm going to write about whatever I want to write about. If this goes south, forgive me....

I'm actually sitting here in the dark among a half folded pile of clothes. I had promised #4 that I'd be dressed and ready for a walk tonight when he got home from the church so he could ride along beside me and try out his new bike lights.

image: realscreen.com
I sat down to fold with the intention of watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" while I folded. But it seems that the season has ended. NOOOO!!! How will I EVER fold laundry again....just kidding. Well, because that was out, I opted for Netflix. My computer's been having all kinds of memory issues, so I thought I'd run a scan, but then I was afraid to open my browser, so well, I fiddled around for a bit deleting files, etc. and the folding was delayed. Finally, I got on with the folding. Wow! That was just a lot of info you probably didn't even want to know, huh?

See, this is why I don't just write to write.....Okay, back to writing to write. I mean, I started it, so I'd better finish it, huh?

Right as I heard the door open as the majority of my family returned from Mutual (the LDS word for youth group) tonight, I jumped up and decided that I'd better get my exercise clothes on. #4 came upstairs so excited because they did genealogy tonight. He found some things he was very happy about. It was even more fun to tell him that the people he was talking about were the people who, when they came over from Germany, brought the chest that sits in our front room, and they are the ones who purchased the piano we now have in our home after they arrived in the United States. He thought that was pretty darned cool. Actually, I do too.

Well, I got my walking clothes on and my reflective vest, and it was suddenly time to get three kids to bed and read to them. A friend showed up at the door with some goodies for us (THANK YOU!) and #4 was getting all ready to go. I stood there in a bit of chaos trying to appease everyone. I finally got out the door.

We only went out for about 20 minutes, but it was good to get out, and #4's lights worked beautifully.

image: bookequals.com
I am right now in the process of reading the Percy Jackson series to #5. #4, although he's already read the entire series, sits in too because they share a room. Tonight, after we returned from the walk, we read chapter three of the second book. When we finish this one, we'll move into the Battle of the Book books for this school year.

Speaking of books, #6 has had a VERY good day today. He told me this morning that his teacher was encouraging him to go to his "local library" to get some Todd Parr books. I don't know who Todd Parr is, but okay. I'm game. I wonder if #6 thinks that the library is really called the "local library" because that's what he referred to it as the entire time we were out.

I love driving #1's car. With everyone but #7 in school all day, I now drive that around more than I do the Beast. The great thing about it is that if I have the luxury of choosing where I go in the afternoon, I can only take one child with me. It's forced one-on-one time. FABULOUS!

While we were at the library, I picked up Parenting the Explosive Child. I've had two friends mention it to me, so I thought it was time to give it a perusal. The other book I've been pointed toward is The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle. I put a hold on that book, but there were six holds already placed on it, so that one's going to take awhile. So thankful for our "local library."

#6 happened to pick up Underwear Dos and Don'ts by Todd Parr. A definite classic if I've ever heard one. Of course, he HAD to read it to me as we drove, and to be honest, how could I turn him down? It's not everyday you get to learn about something you've been doing for most of your life. I learned that it's okay to own lots of pairs of underwear, but it's not okay to wear them all at the same time.....Good to know.

We ran an errand after the library, and by the time we headed past the library again on our way home, #6 was already through with and ready to return two of the books he'd checked out. Nice!

Well, other than teaching preschool today, those are the major events of the day. Yes, believe it or not, that is the kind of excitement that surrounds me. I know, it's hard not to be jealous, but it is what it is....And I guess I can now honestly say I know who Todd Parr is, whether I like to admit that or not.

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vaxhacker said...

I say go for it... just blog what you are thinking, whether or not you think others want to read it. I look at it like my personal journal which friends get to write in the margins of from time to time, but when selecting a topic, I think "is this something I'll enjoy reading about later when remembering things that I was thinking about, or that the kids did" more than "is this an article of interest I want to self-publish today?" Sure, the latter happen too, but that's often just because it was on a topic I was thinking about at the time.

But I think that feels more meaningful and has an element of freedom to express whatever, even "Underwear Dos and Don'ts" (which is an awesome title; I think I'll name my next presentation at work that).

I love that you put the links to friends' blogs on the side, too, by the way. I've discovered a few people whose blogs I enjoy reading that way, and I get a chuckle out of the creative things some of our mutual friends have named their blogs, and I think I picked up one or two the same way from people visiting yours. And since I think this is a whole lot better at meaningful expression and keeping in touch with friends than FB will ever be, I have to encourage that :)

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