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Monday, September 3, 2012

The College Experience--So Far

Just got back from taking #1 to college. Wow! What an experience. I wish I had something profound to say, but I really don't. I guess the one thing that hit me was the fact that the next time we'll see her, she'll truly be an adult in my mind--having lived on her own for a stretch of time.

We got special permission to drop her at her apartment a few days early. School starts here tomorrow, and move-in day there is the 6th, so we couldn't see leaving here the day after school starts to get her where she needed to be. She could have flown by herself, but believe it or not, that was way more complicated than us taking her ourselves. The other benefit was the fact that we wanted our kids to see where she would be and get it firmly planted in their minds that this is what they should have in their futures.

Her apartment's super cute. She'll be living with five other girls.

On Saturday, on Facebook, a girl from our ward here commented about how she'd seen our van driving  on Main Street in Rexburg. We didn't even know she was there, so this was GREAT! We went to church with her Sunday morning, and #1 had someone to hang out with for the day. Nice to know that we were leaving her there with someone so fun and familiar.

Rexburg looks like a serious ghost town right now. There was no one else around the apartment complex or anywhere else, for that matter, but as we walked onto campus for church, people started coming out of the woodwork all dressed up for church. It was so great to see.

So far, she's texted about cooking up chicken in a crockpot--I bought her a crockpot for Christmas two years ago for this very purpose. She's cooking up some of her food early so she can put it in the freezer for future use when classes, studying and practicing make her life crazy. She also texted to bemoan the fact that we forgot to buy oil for cooking up quesadillas, kettle corn, and most importantly, brownies in a mug.

One of her roommates things were there in the apartment. As we were putting #1's things in her shelf in the kitchen, we noticed all of the health food-type items in her roommate's shelf. We teased #1 a lot that she would soon not be eating many of the things she likes because of the influence of this roommate.

It will be interesting to see how this experience changes her. I'm so excited for all of the fun things she's going to get to do.

For tonight, she will join us for Family Home Evening via Skype. She's really not all that far away--yet.

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Julia Shinkle said...

Way too cool that you got to do an FHE skype session! Love it.

BTW, the blog looks great!

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