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Friday, September 7, 2012

Only Two Kickers

Soccer season begins tomorrow. The older boys have been practicing through the month of August, but games begin tomorrow. It looks, though, like my boy who has been DYING to play soccer since infancy (practically) is out of luck. **Sigh**

As a Kindergartener, this would be his first season. With Kindys and 1st graders, practices happen for 30 minutes before games. There are no midweek practices. We've been waiting on an email from a coach. There has been none.

I finally emailed two days ago and have heard nothing. My friend's husband is coaching, so they helped me out quite a bit. I logged onto the website at her suggestion and found that it said he was "assigned" but the magical word, I guess, is "activated." I saw that next to the other boys' names, but not by his. 

This makes me so sad. My mind is drawn back to back when #6 was two and would talk about, "Dindarks and keets"and would find the smallest pair he could find in the house and wear them to his siblings' games. Seriously, soccer has been HUGE for this kid." 

I guess, at this point, I'm kind of hoping that the Warden will step forward and coach--what are the chances? Especially since for the next two Saturdays the other two boys have two games each. It will make my life crazy, but maybe that's the sacrifice I'll have to make so that #6 can do what he's dreamed of for all these years. If not, there are many years ahead.

I'm hoping they get this all figured out.

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