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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Follow Up on "Only Two Kickers"

Saturday morning we went to #5's soccer game. We were a bit harried. It was the first game of the season. We had three other games that day. The Warden took those who were ready, and I kind of lagged behind with those who weren't.

I've been working on a project that has kept me up late at night and gets me  up early in the morning. I'm working my rear end off for it, but I'm being paid a project price, so I'm fearful that the work is way more than the pay--note to self: don't do that again. It's a great and important thing, so I'm learning a lot from it. So, some mornings I'm dragging a bit more than others--Saturday was one of those days--a dragging day.

Before I had even arrived at the field, the Warden called and shared the fact that he'd run into a woman from our ward. She had told him that #6 was on her son's team, and they had a game...a half hour from then. YAY and WOAH at the same time.

We had not one, not two, but three overlapping games. The good thing was that #6's game wasn't far from #5's and that none of the games started or ended at the same time. The other good thing was that we had dragged #3 (who had just started high school that week, and I'm sure, had been looking forward to sleeping in that Saturday morning) out of bed to tag along with us. I stayed and watched #5. The Warden took #3, #4 and #6 and took off for the little guy soccer fields. The plan was that the Warden would stay and watch for awhile and then leave #3 to act as parent while he ran #4 to his game. How would we have done it without #3?

image credit: portlandismybackyard.wordpress.com
When #5's game was over, I took off to get #s 3 and 6. Whoever has the playground handy at their game gets #7, so that was me. #2 was at a cross country meet in Washington state, so he escaped the morning's insanity.

I just wanted to share this because of this post. I wanted to show you that everything worked out. YAY! Really there was no way for us to know that it would. The woman who told the Warden about #6's game said she didn't know either, she just decided to take her kids to the field that day to see what would happen. I felt that running into her was a little tender mercy. It seems that there were many parents who were uninformed. One team there only had two children on it. There were many teams without coaches.

image credit: market.swap.com
It was kind of funny that morning. I had told #6 both the night before and that morning that he wouldn't be having a game that day, but that he would be going along to watch. He nodded at me but continued to get his shorts, shinguards, socks and cleats on. I didn't argue. I just let him do it.

So, when it was time for the Warden to take him, he was all ready. Nice!

credit image: www.summercamptac.com
He went, was given a blue jersey, and was off and running. The kid was in heaven!

I love it when all of the pieces fall into place and things work out! Sometimes it shocks me how, with a family the size of ours, things, although insane, really end up being rather well choreographed. I'm still thinking Somebody's got our backs--even if only for a little boy who wants to play some soccer.


Darilyn said...

I posted a comment but it didn't show up. Let me try again. I love this post. It shows how much the Lord does have our backs. I'm very grateful that I get to see you amid the soccer craziness this fall.

Julie said...

Me too, Darilyn! I wish you could know how much joy just seeing your face brings my heart. I am NOT letting my kids carry my chair to games any more. I missed sitting next to you yesterday.

Q said...

Don't you wish I was there to make life a little easier? :)

Julie said...

Sh'yah! Another driver would've been really nice. Will you please tell your brother to hurry up!

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