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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Blog: The Weapon

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I wonder if my children cringe when they see that I've written something about them. You'll notice that if I use one of their numbers to signify who they are, it's because what I'm writing is positive. If I write about something negative, I find ways to make their identity rather anonymous. There are so many lessons in life to be learned, and most of what I write here is because there is a cumulative lesson that I'm starting to understand. Cumulative in that experience after experience builds up to the point of being no longer able to deny what is going on around me. Sometimes those lessons fill up my brain, and I have to let them out.

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It seems funny to me that when I write a post about putting my foot in my mouth, I end up putting my foot in my mouth, but maybe in this case, it's my keyboard more than my foot.

I want you to know that my purpose in blogging is not to defame people or to cause any negative light to be cast on anyone. I know that I could easily use this as a means of hurting many. I choose not to.

I feel that there is so much negative on the internet. I don't need to add to it. My purpose here is only to uplift and express myself. I don't believe in wasting my time wallowing in the murk that's out there. Yes, sometimes I do gripe and moan about things, but I really try to keep that to a minimum.

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Yesterday I posted about a couple of experiences that had taught me a very important lesson. I felt it was something that needed to be written down and shared, but I didn't see the trees for forest. I was so excited to write about what I was learning that I wasn't thinking about protecting those I wrote about. I apologize for that.

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