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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday #3!

Happy birthday to my compassionate, loving, strong, spunky now 15-year-old! We love you SO!

image credit: juliashinklephotography.blogspot.com
Here we go....Fifteen things that I LOVE about this girl (in no particular order):

  • She's the kind of person who, no matter who you are, makes you feel like you're the most important person in her world when all you do is walk into the room.
  • She's organized. Her bedroom is LOVELY!
  • She is spunky and enthusiastic and stands up for herself.
  • She's creative.
  • She is quick to see a need and fill it.
  • She is happy to be who she is.
  • She's a problem solver.
  • She seeks to know the truth of things and doesn't take things at face value.
  • She's tough but soft-hearted at the same time.
  • I don't know when I've ever seen more compassion than I do in #3.
  • She doesn't do things half way.
  • She's the one person who can interact with "Sweetie" when things are difficult and have things change and become calm.
  • She loves a good conversation and will come in and tell me everything about what's been happening in her life.
  • She shares all that she has freely.
  • I love to watch her interact with #7. There is a bond there like none else. You ask #7 who her favorite is, and without a hesitation, she will say #3.

#3, thank you for being you and never bending to fit someone else's mold. Thank you for being the one who steps up and helps out when things are a bit harried around here. I don't know what I'd do without you.

So, for today, the start of a new school year at a new school. Kind of a stressful way to have a birthday. Today will be the long-awaited cell phone day, and soon, time for a driver's permit. I'm not sure I can believe that we're at this point.

Happy birthday #3! Hope it's a lovely day for you. I'm SO BLESSED to be your Mom. We love you SO MUCH!

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Julia Shinkle said...

Wow! Happy Birtdhay! So many great qualities! How exciting 15!

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