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Monday, December 16, 2013

Things to Do in Pullman

Oh, my goodness! I am BUSTING a GUT here! What a way to start out a morning.

As you may be aware, we, as a family, write to missionaries around the world each Sunday afternoon. Everyone is on a rotation, and we actually have ten missionaries that we are writing to right now, including our own.

I have asked everyone to send me copies of the letters they write to #1 so we can put them in a book, but this morning, in checking my email, I see that maybe this is becoming a habit. I received a copy of the letter my husband wrote to an Elder.

Although I sometimes share what #6 or #7 have written to missionaries, this morning, while he's laying here snoring next to me, I HAVE to share this email.

Let me preface it by saying that this Elder's family just moved. The Warden is playing on that fact.

Without further ado, here is the middle portion of his email…..

"I sure miss your family.  As they were debating this moving business, I did my best to persuade by looking at the top 10 things to do in Pullman, Washington.  I thought I'd share them with you since that will be your "home" too... sort off....  Personally, I think they are breathtaking kinds of places...

#1 - Washington State University - The whole thing
#2 - Kamiak Butte - A hill... nuf said
#3 - Palouse Golf Course
#4 - Airway Hills Mini Golf
#5 - Martin Stadium
#6 - Wawawai County Park - You know if the guy who named it didn't stutter, it might actually have a cocococool name.
#7 - Palouse Brewing Company - A great place for a return missionary
#8 - Sunshine Crafts and Flowers - What???
#9 - Merry Cellars - yep - Another RM hangout
#10 - The Museum of Anthropology - This is the place to find out information about Bigfoot - I think the creators of this place may have visited #7 and #9 prior to seeing Big Foot and opening such a place.
#11 - The Coug - That is the statue in front of Washington State University...  Sigh....
#12 - The Palouse Discovery Science Center
#13 - Nica Gallery - This is actually a quilting center for old people, but it sounds nice!
#14 - Cavern - I don't know what this is and there aren't pictures to describe it... let your imagination of excitement run wild.. It is a Cavern!!
#15 - Marion Ownby Herbarium - In their own words, this is what you can see here:  "This herbarium contains over 300,000 different species of plants, mosses and ferns..." What more can I say?
#16 - The Physical Sciences building on the WSU campus!!  

There you have it the "Top 10" as advertised on the WEB... did you notice that they listed 16?  I have no idea why!  Your brothers are having a great time, and they are getting ready to show you a good time too!!!"

There you go! Have a nice day!

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