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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merely an Outlet

I am an early morning riser….Not by choice. I just seem to wake up somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 every morning. It's not like an alarm goes off. Once I'm awake, I just cannot get back to sleep, so I get up. Not like UP, just up.

I roll over and snag my laptop and the morning begins.

I read and I prep for the day. I ponder life and sometimes, not as often as I'd like, I write.

Yesterday, I blogged. It had been far too long, and I enjoyed it thoroughly--getting the juices flowing first thing in the morning.

As the kids wake, I'm often putting the finishing touches on whatever I've done that morning. Yesterday, I was attaching photos and quickly proofreading. I always have errors. For those who've had to endure them because my proofreading was too quick, I apologize. I often go back weeks later and reread and catch some very embarrassing things. Yikes!

I love to write. It frees my soul. It is purely for my own enjoyment. This blog is merely an outlet….an attempt to reach out--a social connection for an at-home mom.

I try to keep blogging from getting in the way of my family life. I guess that's why I'm thankful that my body wakes me when it does. I'm SO not a night-owl. There's no way I could stay up until the wee hours. My brains too dead by then.

So, I'm grateful to be an early riser.

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