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Sunday, May 26, 2013

While the Troops are Away

Head's spinning with thoughts and ideas. Forgive me while I let them out....gotta relieve some pressure.

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Originally, the plan was that we were all going to go to the beach for Memorial Day weekend, but as things started to come together, it ended up that our three oldest each had commitments here in town. The plan became that the Warden would take the youngest kids to the beach, and I would stay behind with #s 1, 2, and 3.

As it turned out, I have accomplished SO much that I wouldn't have otherwise. It's astounding how much I use my children as an excuse not to do things. Sad, I know.

Yesterday, I was able to finish almost all of the laundry (and it was a HUGE amount), go through #7's clothes and organize them into her drawers, clean a portion of the garage, clean out the bookshelves, clean out all of the bathroom drawers in the kids' bathroom, make huge progress on painting #6's bedroom, and got through an ENORMOUS amount of paper.

If I ever become a hoarder, it will be because the paper will eventually overcome and win the battle that I attempt to fight every day. Man, oh man!

We sat and watched a couple movies last night. While we watched, I sorted paper.  Most of it got recycled, but there was still a lot to file. Wow! I seriously have a paper fear.

I figure I have one more day. I'm going to finish filing papers, clean out the fridge, clean out the other bathrooms' storage areas, help the girls go through their stuff, finish the laundry and fold it and put it away, go grocery shopping, and treat #3 and myself to a mini shopping trip.

image: dressingyourtruth.com
I pulled #3 into the Dressing Your Truth thing. She's super excited about it, so as a treat, we're going to
buy ourselves one item that fits our type. I'm a 1; she's a 3.

image: thechicfashionista.com
There are secondary types too, but I haven't figured those out yet. I remember when I was a teenager, there was a similar kind of typing. They'd take different colors and hold them just under your face. If they looked good on you, they could figure out which "season" you were. I was a spring but was considered a "cool spring" because I could wear winter colors too. Today, I read something that said these can be compared with the season system.

Type 1s are springs, so that fit perfectly. I thought I was a secondary type 2, but that I have so many strong opinions and am constantly fighting myself about whether to write them or not, I figure I might just be a secondary 4, which would be a winter. That fits also.

image: mindtools.com
So looking forward to tomorrow and getting more done around here before the troops return. NEVER again will I let the paper overtake me like it has up to this point. Filing that stuff is going to be a huge priority tomorrow. While I'm working on that and the other things I listed, the kids'll be finishing the touching up and trim for #6's room. It's going to feel so good to get these big projects done!

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LeAnn said...

wow, you accomplished a lot of things. I am thinking I should get busy and actually go through all my papers and file. It would probably take a year; but it would feel so good to get it done.
I remember well the color codes according to the seasons. I was a winter all the way. I usually look best in white or black according to my husband. Of course that can get boring. My dear one bought me a few blouses the other day that are very bright and fun. I recently lost some weight so my blouses are way too big. Yea!

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