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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thoughts from Today - Three Days in a Row, People!

Look at me!...Three days in a row.

Proctored the A.P. European history test today. Four hours on my feet. I'm beat (and a poet). So dragging, so I'm off to bed.

#1 caught the Warden and me up in searching for a waterproof satchel for her. Up until now, we thought she could just wait until she got to the Philippines, so she could get one there, but it seems that she's feeling that she'll need one for the MTC. No luck yet, but we're still looking.

That's the only thing keeping me up at this point. Well...that, and my desire to be on a three-day blogging streak.

Finished Ether this morning. That means I should be done with the Book of Mormon within the next couple days. Moroni goes by so fast.

Just a couple thoughts....
image: tampagov.net
So, so sad to watch a civilization die. Clearly revenge is not a good motive. We often hear "revenge is sweet." This is such a farce! It's a HUGE lie! Doesn't anyone really believe in Romans 12:19? Is it because we don't trust? Well, I think I've decided that I'm going to trust that. Holding grudges does nothing but hurt the individual who holds it. Here we are back to drinking poison and hoping another person will die. Grudges only hurt the holder of them. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is freeing.
sweet." What a farce that is! What a lie! Revenge is STUPID! Doesn't anyone believe

As I read I got to thinking about the Castro brothers. Just watched an interview about them yesterday. It's left some pretty strong impressions. That was an AWFUL situation, no question. It sickens me, but reading Ether has brought some even stronger impressions.

I also think it must have been a HUGE tender mercy for Moroni to have abridged that record and particularly that portion of the record as he watched his own people die out. BRUTAL! I feel for Moroni, but surely, seeing things through Ether's eyes and knowing that he isn't the only record keeper to have watched to the very end must have made him feel not so alone. Would that have held some amount of comfort for him? I like to think so.

It was a good day today. A busy, crazy day, but a good day, nonetheless. Tomorrow will be a day at home to get laundry done and get the menu set for next week and the grocery list ready. I've had a few friends tell me that they like the menus, so I'm going to attempt to get things up and running in that way. The Disneyland trip kind of threw me off. I'm trying to get a year's worth of crockpot dinners set up. I'm about halfway there. I'll post next week once I get that done.

Oh yah, #1 and I spent some time at the Family History Center today too. We found some pretty cool things about the Warden's third great grandfather--Lot Smith.

Yup. It was a good day.

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