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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maybe Not as Bad as You've Been Led to Believe

I just want to write something....anything today. Just so I can say I wrote for two days in a row. Wow, how things change. It used to be that I'd have to stop myself from writing a third or fourth time in one day.

So, here's what's been on my mind today....

You know, I'm always good for an analogy. Funny things come together in one place in my mind, and I find the tie between them. Today, I had such an experience.

I've sat in on two different missionary discussions in the last two days. It's been a VERY sweet experience. Brings back such great memories and has connected me in a very deep, spiritual way to four wonderful women.

With the influx of young missionaries, those who have are out just prior to now have really had to step it up and take leadership roles much earlier.

Let me explain this a bit better. I think I shared that we have Sisters in our ward now--as of about two or three months ago. One of the Sisters was brand new. Well, transfers just happened and that brand new missionary is now training a brand new missionary. Amazing! But if anyone can handle it, she can.

These are young women the same age as #1. But, when I'm with them, I forget the because although these are regular, normal, everyday young women, for this 18 months of their lives, they are doing something remarkable.

Now, where my randomness comes into play....

#1 made the most wonderful cookie dough today. I told her I'd make them into cookies if she'd just make the dough, but of course, before I could cook them, I had to have a bit of dough (yes, "bit" is a very relative term. Some people might refer to my "bit" as a bowl-full, but I'll leave that up to your imagination).

While I was eating it and enjoying it to its fullest, I posted something on Facebook. Rumor has it that eating cookie dough, because of the raw eggs will give you salmonella or some such. To be honest, as I wrote it, I thought I'd have a hundred comments about how terrible I was to eat it and how bad it is for me, but to my surprise, there was not even one. As people commented, I got to laughing about how not one soul made a comment about how sick they'd become by eating cookie dough. On the contrary, every comment was about how much people agreed with me.

Another thing that came to my mind, as I'm in the thick of being with the missionaries at times, was how some people think that meeting with the LDS missionaries is like eating cookie dough. If you do it, it's bad for you.

Clearly, those who feel that way, haven't ever sat in on a missionary discussion.

I feel like the guy who originally told people not to eat cookie dough really just wanted it all to himself. This is exactly the kind of thing one of my brothers would have said to me as a kid just so he could sneak it away and eat it all himself.

Having been a missionary myself and now having the joy of going with these sisters, I think everyone should give it a shot at least once. Not really sure why someone would turn others away from such a great experience. Is it maybe because they haven't tried it themselves?

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