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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Awesome Experience for My Kids

I drove up to the high school, dropped my big kids off in the usual place, found a parking spot, and climbed out with my little kids to head to the preschool this morning.

I could hear country music playing. Standing in front of the main doors to the school was a color guard of high school students in their everyday clothes. Each had a flag. There was also an enormous flag hanging down from the front of the school.

It was clear that the music I was hearing was patriotic, but it was a song I hadn't heard before.

image: wikipedia.com
I saw an old man backing his car in as we walked across the parking lot and headed toward the wing where the preschool is situated. About this time, I also heard the words: "Color guard, attention!" I didn't watch what happened at this point as I was trying to get my little ones across the parking lot safely, but shortly thereafter, I looked and saw an older woman heading toward the stairs.

It was clear that something very special was happening today.

Then I remembered #2 telling me he was going to what I think he referred to as "Living History Day." Once I recalled this, I realized what was happening.....Veterans from past wars were arriving and they were being honored as they entered the school.

What an awesome thing!

image: oregonlive.com
I have to admit I got a bit teary as I walked past all of this this morning. Wars continue and people continue to serve us selflessly. How great for my kids to get to hear the first-hand accounts of history from people such as these.

How wonderful that they are honored in such ways, and we become blessed by their efforts.

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