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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday at church this brother got up and started talking about work and how his boss would assign him to do a project, and he'd start in. The wheels'd start to turn. He would write down his thoughts and things would start to take shape.

He went on in this vein until he said something that was, to me, very profound. He said that as he got to  thinking about what he was doing, he realized that he was creating that thing spiritually so that it could be created physically.

This brother went on and talked about how sometimes his thoughts start heading in a down or depressing way. Sometimes things get a bit negative. As he started to allow his thoughts to get this way, he suddenly paused and asked himself, "Is this what I want to create spiritually?"

When I was a child, I had no idea that I could control my thoughts. I honestly thought that they controlled me. As a teenager, going through puberty, I wish someone had told me that I was the master of my thoughts and feelings. I thought I was just plain crazy with all the ups and downs I experienced. Had someone told me that I could choose to change the direction my thoughts were going, I'm sure I would have tried a bit harder.

Yesterday, though, was a whole new concept to me. What I'm thinking not only affects the here and now, it sets a pattern for what I create in my life. I am spiritually creating something that will physically manifest itself.

I, personally, want only good in my life. I know that I can't control all the things that come into my life, but as far as what emanates from me? That I can control. What I think is what will become. I CAN control that....by my thoughts.

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