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Saturday, April 20, 2013

General Conference (Sunday Afternoon): My Notes

These notes have been sitting here waiting to be published. I planned on putting all kinds of pictures in place, but considering it's been as long as it has, and I still haven't done it, I'm thinking it's just not going to happen. So, finally, here are my notes from the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference....

I really took scads of notes on Sunday afternoon. There was just so much to be learned. I have thought I'd edit it down so it was in a more readable/understandable form, but I'm just not sure where to begin. I'll give it a shot, but what lies below is what you get. Enjoy!

All things are possible to him who believeth. "Lord, I believe. Help thou my unbelief."
I need to admit where I'm weak and lean on the Lord in those times.
Let this desire work in me until I believe.
If thou canst believe.
The Lord helped him "straight way." It was not a slow process.
In moments of doubt or in troubling times:
1. Exert strength first.
hold to the ground I've already won. Hold fast to what I already know and hold strong.
Nothing is impossible if I believe. I think it's interesting that sometimes we hear "If you WILL believe." Belief is a choice--one I need to choose more often.
The degree of my knowledge is not the issue. It's the integrity I have with what I already know.
 2. Do not start my quest for faith by saying how much I do not have. Don't leap with my unbelief. Do not pretend to faith I do not have. Be true to the faith I do have.
I need to be as candid about my questions as I can be, but if me and my family want to be healed, I need to be careful not to be my own obstacle.
I have more faith than I think you do.
I have seen miracles. That cannot be denied.
This is a divine work in process. Manifestations are abounding. I need to not hyperventilate when issues arise. They do and they will. What I know will always trump what I do not know.
Walk by faith.
Be kind regarding human frailty.
Imperfect people is all God has ever had to work with. (I feel like I should have a shirt or button or something with this on it when I go to church and do my calling).
 3. Do not be afraid to ask for help.
God will send help from both sides of the veil (I have experienced this. It is true).
Belief is a precious work and an even more precious act.
Be not be afraid, only believe. Belief is always the first step toward conviction.
Be honest about where I stand.
What do I know, and what do I merely believe?
What is a tiny seed of belief can grow into the tree of life.
When I am weak, it's okay to lean on Elder Holland's testimony.
Fan the flame of my faith. All things are possible to me if I will believe. (There's that word again "will.")

Leave that which is highly esteemed among men; the traditions of men must be left behind to accept Christ. -- Yah, no problem there. I think what people highly esteem these days are getting to be pretty odd.
The world will hate us. -- I need to prepare myself more for this.
The followers of Jesus are to be a peculiar people.
We are to separate ourselves from the world and its traditions.
Hear and DO. Be doing when He comes. --That's sure a theme of this Conference!
"Savior may I learn to love thee. Walk the path that thou has shown....Lord, I would follow thee."
>>>Daily KNEELING prayers as a family.
Frequent personal prayers.
Don't put your hand to your plow and look back. Keep going forward.
Go out of my way to seek for those who have strayed as Christ did.
Rescue and serve.
Love my neighbor as myself. Love my enemies. Love others as Christ loves me--hmm...that's pretty straightforward. That leaves very little room for hatred, grudges, etc.
Draw upon my faith in Jesus Christ in order to forgive others.
"As a disciple of Christ, I [have] no other choice."
Child of God = heir of God
Inherit ALL things if I come to Him. Only possible if I follow my Savior. No man cometh unto the Father but by Him.
Is it enough to know that we must follow Him below?....ALL of God's blessings can be ours if we follow Jesus Christ.
Most of society's ideas of God and Jesus Christ is in conflict with the holy scriptures.
Joseph Smith's vision reveals this.
The apostle John saw them also.
Man does not dictate God's rules - Nicean Council.
Christ mentions His father 160 times while visiting the Nephites for three days (I figure, since His time was limited, the things in these chapters are THE most important things Christ had to teach anyone).
The Son can do nothing of Himself but what He seeth the Father do.
"Father into thy hands I commend my Spirit."
They desire the same oneness for everyone.
The Holy Ghost will teach all things. The Holy Ghost witnesses of the Father AND the Son.
It can be felt by anyone no matter who, but the fullness comes with baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands.
The doctrine of the Father and the Son is the doctrine of the family. We are the children of our Heavenly Father.
"Nothing is going to startle us more when we pass through the veil to the other side than to realize how well we know our Father in Heaven and how familiar His face is to us" (Ezra Taft Benson).

We learn from happy and sad experiences.
1. The temple is the place.
No expiration date on temple marriage. Unlike "until death do you part."
2. In order to contend, you need two people, and I will never be one of them.
Persuasion, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, and love unfeigned.
Eliminate emotional abuse. It wounds our personality. It lowers our self-esteem.
Live a celestial life.
3. A child who sings is a happy child.
Importance of sacred music.
Songs shall be answered with a blessing upon their head.
4. "I love you," "thank you very much," and "forgive me"
Provide comfort. Confirm tender feelings of our heart.
Send messages of love and gratitude.
Continue these after our home is established.
In whom I am well pleased
Texting is good--if uplifting.
5. I love the Book of Mormon and my Savior Jesus Christ.
Challenge children to read the Book of Mormon.
Needs to be read with the spirit of prayer and meditation.
6. It is not enough to know the scriptures, we have to live them.
He who doeth them, will be likened to a wise man who buildeth on a rock.
They give direction and peace to those who seek.
Sure direction.

Seeking for self-worth.
Many do questionable things to feel like they belong.
Defining worth. How do I define my worth?
Don't seek acceptance in the wrong sources. This puts us on a dangerous path.
We will eventually feel abandoned and inferior.
Look to God and live. God is the source of ultimate acceptance. They look at our hearts. They accept us for what we are and what we can become. They treat us better than what we are. They know our potential.
Willing to observe covenants through sacrifice.
1. Know that our hearts are honest and broken.
Engage in sincere self-reflection. Heart is the center. Look into your heart. We know our motives and desires. No rationalization. Pure honesty with self. A broken heart is soft and open. Open to the invitations of the Spirit. Accept His will. We can be taught by the Holy Ghost. We are invited to act.
2. Know that our spirits are contrite.
Contrite = feeling or expressing remorse that I have done wrong.
Teachable. See my own short-comings. Willing to repent. Willing to listen to the Spirit. Willingness and determined to act. Willing to change. Seek His will.
3. Conscious decision to observe our covenants through sacrifice.
Sacrifice isn't necessarily big or hard It mostly refers to day to day living as a disciple of Christ.
Worthily partake of the sacrament each week. Prepare for it. Renew promises. Feel His acceptance.
Having the Holy Ghost as our companion is a sure sign that our sacrifices are being accepted by God.
Reach out to others, give service, simply strive for righteousness, stand firmly and faithfully when storms of life are raging, etc. - these are ways we sacrifice.
Be personally in tune with the Lord. Seek the Lord's acceptance. His tender mercies will become evident in our lives. Enjoy His promised blessings.
We need not fear, we are His. We are of those His Father has given to Him.
He's got our backs.

Be of good cheer. He, through His atonement, has overcome the world.
Tribulation lies ahead, but we have cause for good cheer.
We live in the time when His Church has been restored in preparation for Christ's return.
We will see many events transpire. Many of these will tax my faith, but I must seek for help and I will be helped to rise above. The world will spiral downward at an ever increasing pace.
Don't fear the future. Don't falter in hope and good cheer.
There will be peace in Zion. A refuge from the storm.
The Church is a bulwark of safety. We will find sanctuary in the stakes of Zion.
No human power can stay the course of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We will be armed with the power of God as a defense in great glory. Stay true to the Church and let the Spirit be my guide.
We may not understand it all, but humbly, quietly trust in the Lord. Make my only desire to please Him, and I will be blessed with great peace.
Serve others with joy and good humor no matter what my circumstances might become.
Trusting the Lord completely will help me be an optimistic person.
Sing with joy even in a dark world. Trust. God is in charge. He knows EVERYTHING.

Redemptioners - pay off an obligation; to free someone.
Teach my kids to repent. Expect mistakes, but teach them how to be freed from guilt. We can be healed.
We CAN have peace  and joy NOW.
Teach a more excellent way--Christ's way.
Go about doing good. Help others with problems, defend the truth, create happiness at home, etc.
Jean Valjean's life is changed by charitable acts by Bishop Bienvenu. Forget not, never forget that you will use this silver to become an honest man. Jean Valjean you belong no longer to evil but to good.
We can bring these kinds of merciful acts to others and help them change their lives.
Help redeem the needs of others.
My children are more important than the house.
Lead others to Christ. That is the most important thing I can do. Otherwise this gospel is just about social rules.

Be a good citizen and neighbor. Be tolerant, kind, and loving to those who don't share our beliefs or standards.
Be aware of the needs of those around me. Be concerned for others. Be ready to give others a helping hand and a loving heart.
Put my trust in the Lord and He will help me no matter what my challenge may be.
Joy cometh in the morning.
The gospel is the key to our happiness.
He stands at the door and knocks. It's up to me to open the door so He can come in to me. I need to take advantage of this promise.

You can tell by the last couple talks that I was pretty heavily distracted by kids at that point in the game. Sorry. If there's anything you'd like to hear more of, you can check it out on your own.

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