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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh, the Insanity!

It's one of THOSE days, but there have been a lot of THOSE days lately....working so hard to get caught up but turning around to find that someone has thwarted my efforts and the work begins again.

I find myself wishing away this stage of my life. I wish for the next one...kids all in school, time to myself. A little bit of breather so I can have some kind of semblance of hope that my house'll be clean for a whole hour on any given day. That would be SO nice. I really miss having a social life.

This is how life is now...

image: mylifeandkids.com

Yet, each day, I get up and go again.....

image: lnt.com 
Yes, this is why I live in a Madhouse, and this is why I am the Chief Inmate.

I swear there's some BIG secret you all know and aren't telling me. I figure everyone sits back and watches me run on my hamster wheel all day every day and just laughs because I'm not in on the secret. There is an easier way, I know it. You're just not telling me because my insanity is so entertaining to y'all, huh?

For the time being, I make myself believe this...

image: pinterest.com
Not sure if it's all that true. I figure good moms are happy moms, but how can moms be happy when things are so insane? 

I have to just keep telling myself that this MUST be true because the clean house thing? Nope. It ain't happenin'....And to be honest, I HATE it.

Will I really be happier when I get to the other side of this season and into the next? I don't know, but knowing myself as I do, I will look back and wish I'd have done better and found balance in this season, or at least tried a little bit harder.

Yep. It's one of THOSE days, and I've decided that it's a "just one more load" kind of day. No matter how much it looks like I'm trudging (and I am) up the stairs back into the laundry room, at least I'm doing it. It's getting done. Just wish I could be happier about it.

I have deluded myself into thinking that there is a magic formula. It's like playing with some sort of sick Chinese puzzle box--if you move this to this point and get this part in just the right configuration with those twelve points, it'll all fall into place, and you'll know the secret to life. I swear, seriously, that's how I figure this has got to be. There HAS to be a way. Just when I think I've got it figured out, it changes, so hand me another Oreo.

So, please....share the secret with me, will ya? I promise I'll crack or joke or something every so often, I'll even learn to tap dance to keep you entertained if you'll just let me in on it, okay?

image: activerain.com
I guess, for now, I'd better get a little more toothpaste on my brush.


Alyson said...

I know those sorts of days! And my most secrety secret is that I sometimes look forward to that next stage, even though I do love my kids and I love them while they're little.

Tristan said...

I think everyone has those days/weeks/months! What keeps me sane is a simple list:
Gospel habits (prayer, scripture study, FHE)
Feeding the family (or they may turn cannibal!)
Teaching the children (we homeschool)
Family chores (we've divided the work and there are many things I no longer have to do at all because a child has sole responsibility over it. My seven going on eight children are age 11 down to 1, with the 1yo having many serious medical needs)

Anything beyond that list is extra and usually won't get done. We don't do sports/outside lessons hardly at all, we don't run kids here and there to friends houses, we focus on home and family because that is what this season of life is for us.

Praying you find your burdens eased and keep your sense of humor!

LeAnn said...

All I can say is that I remember those days well. At one point I had to work for a few years also. It was hard; but my children had to take over more of the work. My boys became really good cooks and they all learned to keep the home straightened and kind of clean. Later after my boys were on missions and school. I was home to do the work and my girls didn't get to learn to be the good cooks that the boys are now.
Enjoy the moments because soon you are in my stage. To tell you the truth I am still way to busy and feel stressed a lot because I can't get through my check off list. I am working on always putting people needs first and not worrying about the rest.
Blessings and hugs!

Anonymous said...

I would love to babysit if you'd like time to yourself. You definitely deserve it. I'll even pay you. You help me out all the time, id love to be able to do the same.

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