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Saturday, April 6, 2013

General Conference (Saturday): My Notes

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Oh, how I LOVE General Conference. I have to admit that I'm seeking answers as I watch. I'm struggling with an important relationship in my life, and I'm looking for keys to resolving the issues that lie therein. I also have to admit that I view Conference through a mother's eyes. I'm always looking for ways to be better at this job I undertake again every morning and each day all day long.

image: lds.org
My favorite talk was by David A. Bednar from this afternoon's session. He hit it out of the park. After hearing him, the rest of the world should never doubt where members of the Church stand on some very sensitive topics. I wish everything was up and transcribed or viewable. I'd post it here if it was, but I'll just make it a point to do that when it is.

Here are some of the things in my notes (I didn't designate who said what because I just jotted down my impressions as they spoke)....

  • You will not always be safe from the influence of the adversary; check your nestlings.
  • There is power in the faithful prayer of a righteous mother.
  • If I build on the sure foundation, I will not fall.
  • PRAY! Council with the Lord in all my doings, and He will direct my paths.
  • STUDY! The words of Christ will tell me all things what I should do.
  • Hear and DO! The key to having a strong foundation is in the DOING.
  • I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father.
  • I am not alone.
  • Mothers have the biggest influence on their children/in their home.
  • Teach children about the power of the Atonement.
  • Teach children to step out of the world and into the Kingdom of God.
  • I must be the example of virtuous womanhood.
  • I must love and honor my kids' father. What I do, they will imitate.
  • Reinstate chastity. Be different.
  • Put off the natural man to be sanctified.
  • God wants us to overcome the world; therefore, He provides mercy. He allows for change over time.
  • Don't judge. Treat others as they could be. Treat mistakes as temporary setbacks. Never condemn anyone. Allow them to change.
  • If I draw near unto Him, He will draw near unto me. If I seek Him, I will find Him.
  • satan seeks to destroy families. There is no way I'm going to let him have mine.
  • Never give up on the goal of having peace.
  • The Savior's peace can suffuse our souls and rid us of our hate.
  • As individuals and families, we can attain peace.
  • God is not the author of confusion but of peace.
  • Be direct and stick to the basics.
  • Lean not unto my own understanding.
  • Bloom where you're planted.
  • How we raise our children is much more important than where we raise our children.
  • We are not spiritual orphans.

While we were watching, there were a number of things not related to Conference addresses that hit me briefly as well. These could very well be the first of many upcoming stepping stones on these topics.....

As we watched, two of our boys got into a bit of a tiff. The younger brother started to take off after the older brother. I stopped him with the words, "Focus here" as I pointed at the speaker. This hit me right after I said it. When other things are pulling at you that might not be for your own good, it's better to focus on those things that will improve your life. It's just a matter of self control.

With that same younger brother, someone said something that caused a reaction. After they said it, he responded just as everyone expected. From there, things typically escalate. I said to those who were preparing to join in, "Don't feed the beast." My family knows what that means--that we're not to play on his field. We need to change our interactions so that they are different from his--counteract meanness with kindness, etc. 

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It kind of reminds me of the Native American story of the two wolves--Two Wolves Inside Me Movie. It seems to me that sometimes, maybe even most of the time, we respond in kind (not kindness). When someone is unkind to us, we respond with meanness. There is such power in changing the pattern of response.

The other thing that hit me was during the congregational hymn. Here are the words that stuck: "We will not retreat, though our numbers may be few when compared with the opposite host in view...." ("Let Us All Press On"). It seems that many times I write things that I know are going to be controversial. I hesitate to publish them because I don't want to raise contention. It became clear, as we sung this hymn that we're supposed to be different, and it's okay to state those differences. If not, what good are those differences.

Elder Bednar's talk supported that view. Let there be no doubt where we stand. We are different. Those who try to follow God always have been.

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LeAnn said...

Amen to all of your thoughts on this one. You do take good notes. I to loved Elder Bednar's message. Regretfully I have some troubled grandchildren that are making wrong choices in this area. It's all so sad.

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