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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Begins

Wow! I am feeling so much better! Isn't modern medicine AMAZING?! The antibiotics are getting a bit easier to take and I actually woke with energy this morning. The symptoms are retreating and are pretty much gone at this point. PHEW!

#2 headed off to a scouting high adventure early this morning. Before he could go, though, I had to take him to the grocery store to get a few additional food items. He woke me at 5am. I'm so surprised at how good I felt. YAY!!!

He'll be riding his bike, camping, white water rafting, and lots of other things in eastern Oregon. They're headed to the Metolius River. My family took a trip there when I was a kid. It was a blast! I hope #2 has a great time. I'm sure he will. He's with his bubs.

#1 is nannying and is very happy in her position. She gets to work with two sweet girls and run them around to do all kinds of fun things in the area. She works for them Monday through Thursday and works her other job on Fridays. It works out so well.

The talk is that we'll drop her at school over Labor Day weekend. The actual move-in day, from what I understand, is September 6th, but since the younger kids start school on the 4th (#3's birthday), it seems strange to up and run away the day after they begin. We need to discuss it with her apartment managers to see if that's kosher, but I'm thinking it'll be great for all the kids to see where their big sister is going to be.

I'm getting really excited about this new chapter in her life and ours. Thank you to everyone who has helped employ her so she can earn the money she needs to get her safely to Idaho and in school come September!

#5 is sick, so we're sticking close to home today. The original plan was to get to the library and sign up for summer reading--I'm still reading the Harry Potter series with #5. We're halfway through with book #5 as of last night. We won't have finished the entire series by the end of the summer (if I'm calculating correctly), but our goal is to read a chapter a day. We started in on our summer tradition of Summer Bridge workbooks this morning as well.

Everybody's got their goals for the summer.  Here's how they stand right now....
#1 - earn $$ for school (This is her ONLY goal. That's how important it is).
#2 - finish Eagle Scout award, run 400 miles, Portland to Coast
#3 - earn $100, get on one of the high school soccer teams. She also has her own "bucket list."
#4 - swim, advance in scouting
#5 - swim, read everyday
#6 - learn to tie shoes, ride a 2-wheeler
#7 - potty training - FUN! FUN! FUN! (I haven't ever been forced into this one before, but if she's going to be ready for preschool in September, it's got to be done. YIKES!)

My goals for the summer are listed above. I mean, seriously, is there really any room for me to focus on anything else right now? Once school starts, I'll be able to work on my own stuff. For now, my goal is to help my kids have good memories and to feel successful about the summer of 2012. So glad to be getting some health and energy back in order to get some things accomplished.

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LeAnn said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. With that schedule you will need to feel up and running. I loved all of their goals. # 2's Eagle project sounds hard. Runnying 400 miles is a big one. Have fun with the potty training. I remember when we sent our children off to school. It's hard but they learn so much on their own that is very important for their lives.

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