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Monday, June 11, 2012

Just for the Record

Every year at church, they include write-ups about the graduating seniors. Yesterday, #1 was one of these for this year. As I sat next to her as she read the info about herself, I asked her if I got it all right. She pointed out three errors. There was also a typo, but I'm happy to say, that wasn't me. Phew! Anyway, here's the write-up about #1. The original only had the first photo. I added more just because I can.

Photo courtesy of: Julia Shinkle Photography

#1 was born in Salem, Oregon, on 11/11 at 2:22pm. The Hess family lived in Monmouth, Oregon for the earliest years of her life. In July of 1998, they moved to Aloha.
#1 is a sweet, gentle, calm, but remarkably strong  person who loves people. She is always quick to laugh and ready to forgive. #1 is very non-judgmental and accepts people for who they are where they are. She thrives in her role as the oldest of seven children.

In first grade, #1 started playing soccer. She played for the next ten years. In high school, she played as a sweeper on the soccer team, ran on the cross country team and was a sprinter and a hurdler on the track team. She received the coach’s award for her hard work and leadership on the soccer team. By nature, she is honest, hardworking, and trustworthy. #1 has a strong moral compass and doesn’t believe in following the crowd.
Her greatest love is books. She was voted by her graduating class as the class “bookworm.” It could be that she received this “honor” because, there were a few times, #1 would get in trouble for reading the book she had  hidden on her lap under her desk during boring class lectures. Her favorite book as a teen was Maximum Ride by James Patterson. Her new favorite is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.
#1 is very self-motivated. Even when taking zero period classes, she never had to be awakened for school. Seminary has been #1’s favorite class. During her senior year, she had the opportunity to be her youngest brother’s “big buddy” at Little Warriors Preschool.

This past year, #1 decided to develop her talent for singing. She tried out and was accepted into the Aloha High School Concert Choir.  She also auditioned and received the opportunity to sing in the LDS regional Encore choir. Prior to these, her musical experiences had been instrumental—flute, bass clarinet and piano. In eighth grade, she played bass clarinet in the Beaverton School District Honor Band.

Her family feels that a day would not be complete without hearing #1 at the piano playing tunes from the Broadway shows she loves—Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables Wicked, and many others. This past year, as a graduation gift, some family friends bought her a ticket to Wicked when it came to town. Nothing could have made her happier.

During the summer of 2011, #1 went to Japan to serve the people and help clean up from the tsunami. It was astonishing how quickly #1 adapted to the culture. She particularly loved the people, their sense of community, and their care and concern for each other.

Most recently, #1 had the opportunity to go to outdoor school as a counselor. She cared for six girls from the Klamath Falls area and taught all of the kids everything there is to know about the beach. She says she’s had enough of the beach to last her a year. We’ll see how she feels after being in Idaho for an extended period of time.

#1 likes mac and cheese, cookie dough and broccoli. She earned her Young Women’s medallion by completing the Personal Progress program. She collects quotes and enjoys poetry. She also enjoys public speaking and will always include a poem or two in what she shares. She would like to serve a mission when the time comes. More than any place, she would love to go to Italy.

#1 is going to be greatly missed by her family this coming year as she heads to BYU-Idaho in the fall. She plans to study music.
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LeAnn said...

I see a lovely young woman with a great attitude and I loved her Bio. I think you have her ready to jump out into the world and she will thrive at BYU.

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