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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Making Medicine Not So Yucky

In an attempt to avoid red dye, #6 is currently taking cephalexin (an antibiotic for strep throat) in capsule form. Only, because he can't swallow the capsules, I have to open them and stir the powder into applesauce. It smells like the rubber from tires. Coming from a woman who spent part of her childhood in a Firestone shop, believe me, I'm well acquainted with the smell of tires.

As I stir, I shake my head that I'm putting this putrid stuff into my child's mouth. The one consolation...it's working. He's looking and feeling much better, and we don't have the lousy side-effects of Red 40.

In this process, also, we've discovered a new trick....Chocolate!

I taught #6 that most of his taste buds are on the front of his tongue, so in order to avoid them, we put the spoon far into his mouth, so that the medicine lands on the farther portion. He swallows quickly, takes a drink of water, and then puts a Hershey's kiss on his tongue. The chocolate coats his tongue and covers up the retread taste.

He now doesn't complain about the medicine any more. This morning, he actually reminded me that I needed to give it to him.
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Patrick and Paige said...

GENIUS!!!!!! What a great idea!!! I will totally have to remember this! i am now storing it in my memory bank!

Tonya said...

Good ideas for sure!

Vanessa Davis said...

I bet if your doc thought creatively he/she could get the azithromycin or cephalexin or whatever compounded at your friendly neighborhood compounding pharmacy. In liquid form, free of dye and with flavor of your choice. Veterinarians do this all the time, there are several in the PDX area I work with. Ask your doc.

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