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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life in a Fog

After I wrote the post on obedience, I received a slew of questions. I began writing the answer to one of them, about how to teach your children to be appropriate in social situations, but the first thing I started talking about was a friend of mine and her kids. I started wondering how she teaches them. Her kids are amazing. This past week, I turned to this friend and asked her to write up some ideas of how to teach your children to be appropriately social. I will post her words when I get them. I'm excited to learn from her.

For today, I have to say that I'm completely out to lunch these days. I can't seem to wrap my brain around the idea that this little person....

Has grown into this big person.....

My head is reeling!

She got a second job today. The first, she's had for a number of months now, but it's very part-time. She'll be nannying for a good part of the summer, so she's very happy and excited about this prospect.

#1 has always been a very obedient child. She has sought out my opinion on things and taken those opinions very seriously. From babyhood, she has set me up. From her, I thought that all children were easy. I have since learned that this ain't necessarily so.

Two nights ago, we attended the awards banquet for the high school choir. After all was said and done, she approached me and explained that a young man from the choir wanted to go shopping with her that evening. It was 8:15. She insisted that they would get a group of people together to go. She needed to finish writing a paper still before she could go, but as I told her that stores close at 9, she knew this wasn't going to work.

When we got home, while she was writing her paper, I asked her to please come upstairs and see me when she finished. She did.

I thanked her for being such an obedient daughter. I told her that every mother should be so blessed as to have a child like her. I put my hands on my own shoulders, pretended to pick up a burden there and placed my hands and the burden on her shoulders. I told her that her decisions were now hers completely and that I would be there for her no matter what her choices in life might be. I told her I was so proud of her and who she's become and that I have full confidence that she will make the best possible decisions for her life.

2 peas in a pod--#1 and my mom
Wow! People told me childhood passes quickly, but I have to say I didn't understand. I'm still not sure if I do.

I will miss my sweet little companion that saw me through the Warden's adventures in his last two years of college. The young girl who met me with open arms each time I'd walk in to volunteer in her classroom. The girl that allowed me to walk her into her first day of middle school. The young woman who accompanied me to Japan and worked tirelessly by my side.

I love her adaptable, funny personality. She's the rock who never cries. I'm grateful for 18 years spent in her presence. What a blessing to have gotten to be home with her and be at the crossroads in her life!

She has made mothering more than easy. She's made it a joy.


Adriane D said...

Wiping away a tear!

P4 said...

I will always love this girl. And as she was the first child I baby-sat, I am having a really hard time that she is old enough to be done with school. That means I am old. Congrats on raising such a beautiful young lady.

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