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Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the Eye of the Storm

The day has just begun. I'm awake. Everyone else....still asleep. This is a great way to start the summer. I feel a sense of urgency to start the summer off on the right foot. I feel like the next two and a half months all hinge on how today progresses.

Here's the bad thing....I have some kind of infection that I believe has taken over part of my body. Eek! A lot of the issues I've been having seem like they could all be a result of this--heart, dizziness, etc. I think I'll be visiting a doctor today. I've been trying to take care of it myself, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Not good.

For the past number of days, I've been a bit baffled. Yesterday, I was awakened by a phone call from a teacher at the Warden's school. She shared that there had been some graffiti painted on the school that defamed "a teacher." It ended up that it was the Warden that was being memorialized, but they spelled his name wrong. Really?! How hard is it to spell "H-E-S-S?"

#1's car was left out on the curb in front of our house a few nights ago with the top off. Someone nabbed a piece of the middle console. Yesterday, when we got home and went into the garage, where the car now is, there was a strong smell of sulfur emanating from it. Hmm....

 The other day, I allowed a woman, who was coming from the opposite direction, into the school parking lot before me. I sat and waited patiently for her to come to the understanding that I was letting her go first. She, and her probably 5th grade daughter, shot me the dirtiest looks. Honestly, I think they were one step away from expressing their love with a hand gesture that included a lot fewer fingers than the traditional wave. Are they not used to people being nice to them? Baffling.

Yesterday, #3 climbed into the car after school and shared that her yearbook had been lost. She'd given it to a kid to sign. It was never returned. About an hour after we'd arrived home, the receptionist at the school called. The book had been found by one of the crossing guards blocks away from the school. It "wasn't in the best of shape," but it has all of the autographs in it. We'll go pick it up today. Today is also the day we get to go pay the money for the trumpet.

 So, hmm....What's up? Why are we all feeling so mean and ornery? Or are we? Am I just existing in this little bubble of meanness? With all of this going on, it makes me somewhat embarrassed to say I'm part of the human race.

Many of these incidences aren't even a response to someone else's mean act. These are self-motivated. It just doesn't make sense. Why are we all so angry? I would also venture to say that I've never even held a conversation with those who've done these acts. Random and anonymous? Mean just for meanness's sake?

As I begin summer vacation this morning, I have one thing to say to those who've done these things....thank you. All of this makes me want to redouble my efforts at being civilized and kind. I feel like I have the responsibility to make up for what seems to be lacking in this world right now. Thank you for providing the examples of what not to do. I'm ready to share these with my children and discuss with them the mean things that happen everyday that are really not necessary. Thank you for encouraging me and my family to be more kind and loving toward others.

One more reason why the next two and a half months (and longer) DO hinge on today.

Just a reminder....Be kind. Everyone you meet has some battle he's fighting.


Alyson said...

That's a lot of stuff! I guess more family members increases the possibility of incidence, but still that seems like a lot going on at once. I really hope it dies down for you now, and you guys get a calm and peaceful summer.

Jo Tapasa said...

Wowza, Julie! Makes me think of a little rock that I painted and inscribed the following:"be kind and be grateful that God is kind. ...j.r.holland" Here's to hoping for a more civil summer and lots of fantastic memory making!

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