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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ten Random Minutes: Threats of Haiyan

Today, I need to dive into the next portion of Facebook for missionary families. I want to explain some things, but I want to make sure that it is understood that this was all very guided. It was a matter of following what I felt and understood. The things that followed after that were astounding.….

With our missionary family group going so wonderfully well, I recall a conversation wherein the Mission President felt that all of the missions in the Philippines needed groups like ours. He had, in a meeting with the other Mission Presidents, explained our group and the benefits of Facebook groups such as these.

I remember, when he shared this, agreeing and thinking how nice it would be if every mission did have a group like ours, but my thoughts didn't go much further than that. I mean, what was I supposed to do? I kept thinking how great it would be if a parent in each group would start a group, but I didn't know how to contact parents in each other mission, so I kind of sat and waited. Nothing happened.

Then, one morning in early November, a few days after rumors of a large typhoon heading for the Philippines had started to bubble to the surface, this map showed up on the Facebook group's wall:

Along with this map, which was posted by #1's Mission President, was the reassurance that the missionaries in the Olongapo Mission (if you look at the top, gray portion of the map, the Olongapo Mission is the western, face part, of the profile--#1 was then located at the nostril) would not be affected by the coming storm. The areas in the red, would. The concerns in my heart immediately eased.

To be continued…..

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