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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ten Random Minutes: More on Mission Facebook Groups

The mission Facebook group has been wonderful. Every Sunday night is a party….I'm not kidding.

The missionaries in #1's mission have P-day (Preparation Day) on Mondays. She usually writes at 10:30 on Monday morning her time, which is 6:30 Sunday night our time.

About that time, on the mission page, parents start chiming in about their kids. It is SO fun! Pictures go up, parts of emails are shared, blog posts get thrown on the wall. It's seriously a celebration. We all cheer for each other's missionaries.

That's what I'm sitting here waiting for tonight--to hear from #1 and to read what everyone else has to share.

We now have more than 175 members. It's moms, dads, grandparents, close friends, siblings, etc.

We've had numerous questions answered and great advice has been given. If you don't know something, almost guaranteed, another missionary family does.

So, anyone interested in doing a missionary Facebook group, here's my little piece or two of advice…..

Make it a "closed" group --BUT-- keep it so that anybody can add friends to the group--BUT--keep it so that the administrator has the final word in who stays and who goes.

After creating this mission group, I learned that there are Missionary Mom Facebook groups--those that I'd read about in the Missionary Moms email. They said they'd created a mission group on Facebook for every mission in the world. There are a couple of problems with those groups, in my opinion….

1. It's run by someone who doesn't have any interest in any of those missions. I found that when starting a group, you really have to find people to add to the group. You also need people who will add discussions and things to get things moving.

2. They're named "Missionary Moms…." This kind of leaves out the rest of those interested in missionaries. I chose to name ours "[Name of mission] Missionary Families." It just seemed a bit more welcoming.

3. I've decided that there really have to be two administrators. There are just times in everyone's life when things get busy or hectic or you just don't feel like getting on Facebook for a week. That's when it's awfully nice to have someone else to share the load with.

Okay, those are my two cents for today. My email has come…..I'm off.

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