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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ten Random Minutes: Groups for the Philippines

I can't, in good conscience, keep things hanging on the typhoon end of things, so it being early Sunday morning, and everyone still being asleep, I'm going to go for another ten minute post…..

I fully trusted that the typhoon wasn't going to hit where #1 was. We were told that they might
experience 30-50 mile per hour winds and some rain. Knowing where my girl comes from, this is an average day, so not a biggie. If anything, it would just remind her of home. No stress.

The morning of day that the typhoon hit, though, I woke with very different feelings. I wasn't so worried about the typhoon as I was the Facebook groups. Suddenly, the words of #1's Mission President were there in my heart…..All families with missionaries in the Philippines should have a Facebook group. I this thing was going to be as bad as they were predicting, and if missionaries are serving in that area, surely the parents are going to want to be able to lean on each other like those with kids serving in Olongapo do.

I can't deny that I felt this, and strongly, but it was frustrating. What could I do about it?

As I lay there and pondered on it, I just felt that I should try. What would that hurt?

I pushed the "Create a group" button and ventured. I quickly learned that in order to start a group, you have to have someone to invite to the group. Okay, first road block. Who did I know that I could invite?

My mind went to my Facebook friends….I had a friend who lives nearby whose daughter was serving in Cebu East, I had instructed her on how to start a group one day when we were out together, so I knew that one was good to go. She was doing a great job. I was also pretty sure that some of the missions already had groups, so I didn't worry too much about Manila.

Who else did I know who had kids serving in the Philippines? I started to remember a few of them.  I actually ended up with five of them, so I got to work. I contacted these friends to see if they'd be interested in opening a missionary family group for their son/daughter's mission. We ended up with a few groups that morning--Quezon City, Cebu, and Tacloban, to name three.

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