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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten Random Minutes: Facebook's Role

Ten minutes was hard to come by today. Here it is past my bedtime, and I'm eking one last ten minute period out of an already very stuffed full day.

I need to share a bit about mission Facebook groups. Now, forgive me, I've taken cold medicine tonight--the tell-tale sore throat has started in, so it's time to start in on the meds before it gets too much worse, but that may just have something to do with how this post turns out. It also doesn't help that my husband's sitting right here to my right watching some auction show. In my ear, I keep hearing "he-be-be-ba-de-9,000….he-be-be-be-ba-de 10,000….." Ugh! Focus is just not easy to come by at this point in my day.

Okay, so let me get to Facebook groups. It's funny. You either love Facebook or you hate it. Is anyone really moderate on this topic? I happen to be a lover of Facebook. I think there is so much good that it has to offer. My husband, as a middle school principal, HATES Facebook. Shall I add, with a fiery, burning passion? He sees the terrible things kids do with it and the trouble it causes. I am of the mind that, like most things in life, you find what you look for. I seek for all the good that Facebook has the potential for.

I love that Facebook connects me to people. When you're mom to a large brood, connection with anyone but those people you live with becomes a bit of a challenge. Facebook, however, makes connections easy.

When my daughter first got her mission call, I was told about a group called "Missionary Moms." I have to say that it was a good starting point for me. A bit archaic, Missionary Moms is an email group. These seem to be the kinds of groups that formed P.F. (Pre-Facebook). You join, and then you start getting emails from anyone else that has joined. In my case, I was getting emails from anyone else in the group who had a kid heading to the Philippines.

Oh, my goodness! My ten minutes is already up. I am going to grab the paragraph I just wrote and use that for my first paragraph tomorrow. Yah, that's probably cheating on my ten minute rule, but let's just call it a little boost. Plus, it's a good way to start what I want to talk about. More tomorrow, when I'm not loopy from cold meds and the last hour, and don't have some dude selling pigs in my right ear (at least, I hope). Can't wait to go climb in my bed. It's been a very long day.

Okay, so much for sleep….I just checked Facebook one last time before heading upstairs and learned that there have been more changes for our missionary daughter…..

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