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Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Lies in the Medicine Cabinet?

Here's the other story I was thinking of last night as I met with the Bishop. I DID write it down. YAY!!! I sent it in one of my emails to #1 a few weeks ago. It ties in with the other experience but is a bit more recent--mid-September.

For anyone that hasn't read the Book of Mormon, this is what it does for me....It opens a part of my brain and heart that would otherwise sit dormant. It helps me to reflect on spiritual matters. It brings balance to my life.

For anyone who hasn't read the Book of Mormon, do. But don't just do it once. Read it over and over again. Seek to understand what it's teaching YOU. Let it sink into your heart. It'll change your life!

This experience happened when I had just finished reading the Book of Mormon and was starting over from the beginning. Here's what I wrote to #1.....

As I read Joseph Smith's testimony the other day, I got stuck on the word "supplication." First, I looked it up. It said something along the lines of humbly entreating someone with higher authority to help solve a problem. Yup! That's exactly what Joseph Smith did. 

Then I thought, well, yah, that's Joseph Smith. Of course, HE could supplicate the Lord and get a major answer, but then I realized WAIT! He was, at that time, a14-year-old farm boy. What better example is there to us than this? I mean if a 14-year-old farm boy can supplicate the Lord and get an answer, why can't I?

Then I got to thinking about the honest reason or reasons why I don't supplicate the Lord more often. Here's what I came up with....I totally take it for granted that Heavenly Father will know my needs and meet them. I mean, He does that on a regular basis, but then this example occurred to me.....

#6 has been having some pretty bad asthma problems this week. Now that he's in first grade, he needs to go up to the office for his inhaler if he has issues. I mean, nobody's going to instinctively know that he's having problems and run his inhaler down to him, so he has to learn to watch for the signs and be proactive. 

In order to teach him this, I have to take a harder stance at home. I have to have him come to me when he feels he needs his inhaler, so each night before he goes to bed, I remind him that he needs to come ask for help when he needs it. So far, he hasn't come.

This is what I think is happening when I neglect the power of supplication. It's like Heavenly Father is giving me everything He can as I am obedient to His commandments. This is all FABULOUS, but there are so many other things that could be mine if I'd just ask. It's like he has his own medicine cabinet that's locked to me unless I use the key of prayer and ask Him to open it for me. He can (and does) give me everything He can that's lying on the "counter," but the most important stuff is just waiting for me to let Him know that I'm ready for it.

Wow! I'm sure I'm missing out on some really vital and important blessings that could be helping in this life. I SURELY need to supplicate the Lord more. I need to follow Joseph Smith's example. I need to allow that medicine cabinet to be unlocked on my behalf more often. 

I LOVE the Book of Mormon, and I love Joseph Smith. I'm SO grateful that he was so much smarter and humbler than I am. What a difference his actions have made on my life!

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LeAnn said...

I loved your thoughts today. I too love the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Amen to all that you have said; we are a like in these thoughts.

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