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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Trap I Fall Into

There are certain things that just make life go so much smoother. I know this, but over and over again I fall into the same trap and try to ignore these things. Part of me doesn't want them to be true, but it's just a fact, they are.

One such thing is getting up before the kids are awake in the morning.

So, I'm up.

I'm done (at least for today--babysteps, right?) with being the sloth that lies in bed and waits for the kids to wake me.

image: teachingstars.com

At this point, my half of the bed is made. I'm off to get dressed, take care of my personal grooming, and get as many ducks in a row as I can before the kids (and husband) are moving about.

Now, the trick to not getting discouraged….Don't count on too many ducks. Be grateful that even one duck is lined up if that's all there's time for.

image: doctorscrossing.com

I'm off and running…..Wish me luck!

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