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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Feelings of a Ten-Year-Old

Some things just need to be kept for posterity's sake.

Last night, I asked each of the kids to sit down and write a special letter for their sister for her Christmas book. Not their usual here's-what-happened-this-week letter, but something with their feelings in it. The book will be taken Monday to ship out, so today is the day that everyone writes. I got one child to write his last night so there wouldn't be such a time crunch today.

This morning, I read that letter. Here's what it said:


"My testimony is that Joseph smith translated the book of Mormon and that jesus christ will come again. I also know that jesus christ was born under a star that was brighter then all the others i also know that he will come again and that missionaries will help everyone i hope that is what you are doing.


This just made me smile too much not to share.

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