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Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Closer through Therapy

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I attended two meetings last night. A point that was brought up in each was the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. I honestly think that the time I spend reading the Book of Mormon is therapy. It makes me happy. So, if we go back to the previous post, and I share about needing to change to be happy in this society--I guess it's the Book of Mormon that does that for me.

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This morning, I had the following thought occur to me. I was reading Alma 25, and I came across verse 12. The words "sheep having no shepherd" grabbed me, and then I read what happens to those who have no shepherd, and I decided that that's not what I want for myself or my family.

So, a little phrase, that for some reason's been popping into my mind on and off this morning, comes to the forefront of my thinking....

Did you know that in the introduction of the Book of Mormon it says, "a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book"? (I know my question mark is in the wrong place, but I didn't want anyone to think that this quote was a question).

Well, that's been on my brain. The reason I think of the Book of Mormon as therapy is because it brings me nearer to God. It straightens me out. It's like going to the spiritual chiropractor when I'm "out of whack."

So, after reading about the "sheep having no shepherd," I thought about just who the shepherd is and the following thought occurred to me....

When I study the Book of Mormon (regularly), I am reading the book that says it will bring me "nearer to God." This really is what I want--to be close to God. I don't just "want" it, I NEED it. By repeating this act, I'm showing God where my heart lies. I'm expressing to Him my desire to be close to Him. He, then, rewards me by drawing closer to me and teaching me the things I need as an individual and as a mother to His children. Thus, His Son becomes my shepherd. As time goes on, and I work hard to continue in this pattern, I, like His sheep, learn His voice and learn to trust and follow Him.

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There you have it. Therapy.

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Jen said...

Great words of wisdom Julie. Many of us require healing and therapy for issues that have transpired in our lives; but the true Healer is our Savior and the words he inspires us with to bring us comfort, safety, peace, and well-being. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and testimony.

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