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Sunday, May 24, 2015

So Many Sites. So Little Time

I have this really BAD habit....I tend to be the tab queen when I'm on my computer, and it's really no better when I'm on my phone. I have so many internet windows opened up you wouldn't believe it. I keep them there in hopes that I'll have a few spare minutes to give them a gander. 

Wellllll, lately, that just hasn't happened. I REALLY want to read them ALL. I decided today that I'd just create a big ol' list here so that I can come back and read them when there's time. That way my phone doesn't have to hold them until that time. 

You might think that adding to my reading list might help, but umm....I don't even dare tell you how many things are already listed there probably never to be looked at again.

As I looked at the open windows, I realize how much these sites reflect what's on my mind.

Just in case you have similar interests, here's the crazy queue of random sites that are now no longer open on my phone thanks to this list....

This is the site that's been open the longest. I'm totally going to do this--

I was so intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, that I really want to spend some time perusing the entire site--

I believe I ran across un-fancy because of this--

This was send to me via email on Mother's Day. Tells you how long things stay open, huh? I thought this would be fun for a series of blog posts--

This has been a topic between my husband and me for MONTHS. One morning, I randomly came across this one...Really. It found me--

This is just part of an evil plot. My husband has three things that I would call his "dai-kirai" (Japanese for "big hate)...Barbies, cheerleaders, and BYU. What can I say? #7's birthday is right around the corner--

Don't even really know what this is all about, but I have a good guess, and it's definitely something I need to take care of--

Then I have this whole set of browsers open about household management:







This was for a lesson I taught a couple weeks ago--

Then, there's the TED thing I have going on....

Which reminds me of another TED talk that has left a mark (this TED talk wasn't in my browser)--

I have this new habit of watching TED talks when I have insomnia. There have been some really good ones lately. Here are the two that I've been pondering on more than anything else (again, not open in my browser right now, but I've gotta save 'em somewhere):

Then there's the money making and saving ideas--



A summer idea. Would LOVE to do this--

A recipe I'm going to try--

Need I say more on this one?

Then there's the family relationship articles that intrigue me--



Oh, wait! We interrupt this list for a TED talk. Yes, this one was open in the browser:

Scary, and definitely worth a look. Gotta protect my kids--

Dealing with HUGE eczema problems for one of the kids right now. I think we're heading to the doctor tomorrow. Gotta take some extreme measures--

So, there you go....All that's on my mind and then some. Any of these resonate with you?

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