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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elder Noah?

You've GOT to check this out! My son is not a big animal person, or at least, I've never thought of him as one. Considering that he calls our dog Maggie, "Food," yah, I'd say he's not much of an animal person.

Here's the deal, though. Every week since he left the MTC and has been out serving his mission, there have been new photos of animals. It's almost bizarre. I'm sure he doesn't do it on purpose. It's become something I laugh about every week.

Here's the rundown....along with captions when I can find one:

Week #1
"The duck looking thing is weird...it walks like a dinosaur and is really weird"
"There's a community of trailer houses  and they have weird animals like grackles (crows but sound like whoooooOOOOOOPPPP), alligator gar(picture an evil fish had a baby with an alligator that doesn't like people) and peacocks (there's a picture in there but it's tough to see)"

Week #2

"The dogs followed us through the entire neighborhood"
"The cockroach was on the wall of the church"
"Who knew crabs would be chillin in the middle of texas?"

Week #3
He sent me the entire kill, pluck, gut, and cook a chicken process in picture form. I will spare you the details.

"We had dinner with a family who owns a farm and Elder P killed a chicken"

Week #4
There was only one photo this week. It was his toughest week so far, but no worries. He makes up for the lack of animal life the following week....

Week #5
Okay, I'm not even kidding here....He actually sent me EVERY one of these photos. I'm guessing he wanted to take his family along on the trip. At least, that's how I felt after viewing the photos...I had BEEN there. Here, you can come along too....You're welcome!

No captions necessary. But wait....There's more....

Altogether, there were 39 photos of animals of some kind or other in that one email.

Week #6

"A possum we found while mowing the lawn"

And...this week. Week #7
Does this look say, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" to anyone else but me?
"Today we found a turtle and brought it to district meeting."
I mean, seriously, a turtle? How random is that?!

"Named it flamoorgathyn."

So, there you have it....Seven mission weeks worth of Texas wildlife.

I've gotten to the point where if some little beasty didn't show up among his weekly photos, I'd be sorely disappointed.

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